Terms of service

1. General

These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts between Sigrid Mönning, Lessingstrasse 18, 59555 Lippstadt, and her clients, unless expressly agreed to the contrary. In placing an order the client agrees to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Orders

Each order from the client must be confirmed by the translator in written form in order to be valid. Orders can be placed in either electronic or written form. All orders are carried out with due care and attention and in accordance with the general customs and practices of the trade.

3. Delivery

Delivery of the translation shall take place by e-mail, or (subject to prior agreement) by fax, mail or messenger. The translator undertakes no liability for any loss of or damage to data occurring during electronic transfer or during delivery. The client shall be responsible for the final verification of all files. Compensation claims due to incorrect or ambigious source texts or order placing shall not be accepted.

4. Date of Delivery / Force Majeure

If a fixed delivery date has been agreed upon, this delivery date is binding to the translator unless non-performance is caused by circumstances beyond her control.
If the delivery date cannot be met due to force majeure or other reasons which are not within the translator's liability (e.g. sudden illness, family emergency, computer failure), the translator shall inform the Client immediately. In such cases, both the client and the translator shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. Translation work already completed up until the point of withdrawal shall be disbursed by the Client. Further rights, especially claims for damages, shall be excluded for such cases.

5. Rectification of errors

The translator reserves the right to rectify any errors. The client may request that any errors appearing in the service provided be rectified. Any claim for rectification of errors must be made by the client within two weeks of the service being submitted and must include precise details of the errors in question.

6. Confidentiality

The translator declares that she shall at all times maintain confidentiality in respect of any facts that come to her knowledge through her work for the client.

7. Prices and terms of service

Invoices are payable by bank transfer in one instalment without deduction on the date for payment specified on the invoice. All prices quoted by the translator are turnover tax-exempt according to § 19(1) UstG.

8. Liability

Liability shall be accepted only in cases of gross negligence. Liability in cases of slight negligence is only accepted if substantial contractual duties are neglected. To the extent permitted by law, the translator's liability shall be limited to the amount invoiced. Any and all claims by third parties shall not be accepted.

9. Property

Property in the service delivered shall remain with the translator until payment has been made in full.

10. Applicable law

All orders and claims arising out of them shall be governed by German law.